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In this session, I channel to your being and your body the deeply relaxing and healing Reiki energy, and towards the end your body receives the healing sounds of singing bowls and Koshi chimes. Reiki is an ancient Japanese hands-on energy healing technique that moves our Ki, or life force energy, and flushes out any stuck energy in your way. The session is deeply relaxing, grounding, and clearing, as well as relieving aches and pains, trauma, anxiety, or anything else that is causing you any dis-ease.

Since this offering is an in-person service, I recommend making sure I am home in Iceland (or in your area) before you purchase a session. I am in Los Angeles, CA (USA) now, but will be in Iceland for some weeks from Nov 21st. Don't hesitate to send me an email if you are unsure about anything related to booking a session:

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PDF Guide to Energy Healing (booklet)

Energy healing and the healing journey can be very non-linear, mysterious, and confusing. This guide can be a hand to hold on your journey!
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