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Heal with Reiki Energy Healing


Reiki-Infused Digital Images & Videos | 4 Weeks of Healing

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What if you could get one big step closer to healing your traumas that are causing chronic anxiety, fatigue, depression, numbness or any heaviness in your life, in such an easy and affordable way?

Now energy healing is accessible in any way you can imagine as long as pure intention is there to heal through time and space. I chose to do so by infusing images with Reiki healing energy, and as long as your body is close to that image, it absorbs the energy and starts to heal.

These are four Reiki Infused images and videos for you to start healing the origins of wounds and traumas that are limiting you at this time, in a new and easy way - just by playing videos and looking at images that have been infused with the Reiki energy with clear intentions. In this package, we work on healing the origins of Anxiety, your main Childhood Trauma, Money Blocks & whatever is blocking you from having more Clarity and Clear Vision in your life. You will also get reminder emails and words of encouragement throughout these 4 weeks from me.

What you'll get

4 Digital Images Infused with Reiki energy

to heal over the course of 4 weeks

4 Accompanying Videos Infused with Reiki energy

to heal over the course of 4 weeks

WEEK 1: Reiki Infused Image to Heal Origins of Anxiety

WEEK 2: Reiki Infused Image to Heal Childhood Trauma

WEEK 3: Reiki Infused Image to Heal Success & Money Blocks

WEEK 4: Reiki Infused Image to Bring in Clarity & Clear Vision

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I understand how it is to go through every single day buzzed with anxiety....triggered by the most mundane things that bring you right back to your past traumas. I understand how it is to feel like your past will determine your future, to feel hopeless.

I understand not wanting to get out of bed, feeling like you aren’t worthy to even be breathing. I understand because I was there, but I am no longer in that place. I thought that I would always be anxious, that I would always be lost and always feel alone. But today I am anxiety-free. I became aware of just how different I am from what I was trying to be. Today I am me, I am living according to me, and only me, I live for me and I chose that. I chose that I would take my life into my own hands and heal. And I choose it and work for it every single day. It doesn't mean that everything comes easy to me, the world is still a chaotic place. But there is a different choice available. Energy healing played an incredible part in my healing journey, and still does - and I don’t know where I would be if it weren’t for it. If anxiety creeps up from behind me (which hardly ever happens) I know what to do and what to be to move beyond it, in an instant.

How it works

The package consists of 4 digital images infused with Reiki energy.. heal over the course of 4 weeks. Each image (and accompanying video) has its own intention and specific crystals that work especially well with each intention. You will receive the images directly to your email inbox, one by one, at the beginning of each week for 4 weeks. So, 4 weeks of healing just by being in proximity to, or looking at images infused with healing energy, as that energy simultaneously flows to you, and starts to flush out anything that isn't matching what you are asking for.

With the intention to amplify each image, I created 4 accompanying videos infused with Reiki. Same themes, same intentions & even deeper healing

Each video is appr. 20 minutes of pure, direct Reiki channeling, with gentle healing music and no talking. These videos have clear, deep intentions to allow Reiki to heal the same themes of your life as the images do. Reiki goes to the origins of your traumas & wounds and heals on a cellular level. The videos can be played in the background, with sound or without, or with presence and clear intention - however suits you, the healing will work just as strongly and deeply.*

You'll get instant access to download all the images and access to the first video on the web, and then a new one each week - as well as regular emails to remind you to incorporate the images and videos every single day for 4 weeks. I'll be by your side every step of the way ♥

*These videos are different from my youtube videos, in these videos I focus on channeling the energy, and on the strong intention, therefore there is no talking, I sit with my hands out and channel the energy directily to you, with gentle healing music in the background.

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Who am I?

My name is Sunna Friðjónsdóttir, and I am an Icelandic musician, youtuber and an energy worker, having been infatuated by healing, energy, trauma healing, etc. since I was 18 as I started my awakening journey. Having lived with codependency, alcoholism, and abuse for most of my upbringing, ever since bringing awareness to all of that, I have been determined to take the power back to me, change the patterns, the core beliefs based on my past, heal the trauma fractions, and live as me, not as the traumatized little girl. Today I work with Reiki and Access Bars® energy healing, I create therapeutic ASMR videos on youtube, I facilitate energy work classes and I perform and create music! Today I am me, I choose to live for me, and I choose life every single day. I would be honored to contribute to and be a part of you choosing more of you, of you breaking free from whatever happened in your past. ♥

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