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I know energy healing can be a mystery...

If we are just entering the world of energy and energy healing, or have been circling around in that universe without a sense of direction, this booklet might be for you. We can all use a little hand to hold when swimming in our psyche, when traveling through fractions of the soul, of the subconscious, when letting go of old patterns that no longer serve to make room for choosing different, choosing the new, the true us.

This booklet is intended to be a guide for you on how to work with energy healing to really heal, to have a sense of direction on that journey, whether you choose to work with a practitioner, receive energy healing through digital products, group healing, or a combination of it all and beyond. This booklet talks about what energy healing is, how it works in your body and your being, and my tips on how to approach it, how to start, and how to keep going and keep the motivation sustainably.

Breaking the mystery of energy healing & the journey of working with a practitioner (and in other ways), in a transparent guide so you can take back your power, heal trauma from this life, ancestral trauma & past lives' trauma that is limiting you from living your truest life, with a clear framework to sustainably heal on your own terms.

Who am I?

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My name is Sunna Friðjónsdóttir, and I am an Icelandic musician, youtuber and an energy worker, having been infatuated by healing, energy, trauma healing, etc. since I was 18 as I started my awakening journey. Having lived with codependency, alcoholism, and abuse for most of my upbringing, ever since bringing awareness to all of that, I have been determined to take the power back to me, change the patterns, the core beliefs based on my past, heal the trauma fractions, and live as me, not as the traumatized little girl. Today I work with Reiki and Access Bars® energy healing, I create therapeutic ASMR videos on youtube, I facilitate energy work classes and I perform and create music! Today I am me, I choose to live for me, and I choose life every single day. I would be honored to contribute to and be a part of you choosing more of you, of you breaking free from whatever happened in your past. ♥



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4x Reiki Infused Images + 4x Reiki Infused Videos

This is a package of 4 Reiki Infused Images & 4 Reiki Infused Videos to start healing right away, over the course of 4 weeks! Incorporate each image & video every single day for a week until it is time for the next set of image & video. With regular emails, I will guide you each step of the way.
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